1309487Traffic Safety is where it all began. I speak about this topic on a regular basis and I speak with incredible passion. But traffic safety isn’t the only thing that I have come to know in my 27 years. I have a unique style of presenting which captures audiences of all ages. I receive emails daily from people who want to thank me for changing their lives, giving them strength, or even supplying them with the tools they needed to help overcome adversity. We all face adversity from time to time and to fool us, it often comes in many different shapes and sizes. How will you notice it? What will it feel like? What has it caused you to do? Are you having thoughts of giving up? Do you want to triumph? I can answer all of these questions with confidence. I have gone through more in my 27 years than most people go through in an entire lifetime. The only reason I can even wake up and feel that my life has purpose is by knowing that I go through, and have gone through what I have so that I am able to help those who may be facing a similar situation. Give me the chance to make a difference for you. I won’t let you down. I promise!




-Traffic Safety aka Respecting the Journey-

Tyler speaks of his personal experiences that stem from
the horrific crash that he, his twin brother, and younger sister were victims of.

– Traumatic Brain Injuries-

Coming from someone who faces the day to day struggles of living
with a traumatic brain injury. At age 23, after nine years of frustration and confusion,
Tyler began to study his brain and why he is the way he is.

– Bullying –

Something Tyler became all to familiar with at twenty four years old. A night of Fun
for four acquaintances quickly spiraled out of control and became a moment
that neither of them will ever forget. Tyler Says, ” If I could change that night I would in a heartbeat. I would
have listened to my wife and left after the very first time I was verbally and physically bullied
for the way I walk. I didn’t though…”. Come listen to Tyler’s story of courage, fear, and the strength
that it took to fully accept what happened during that painful experience.

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At 14, Tyler Presnell, his twin brother and his younger sister were in a violent car wreck, passengers in a car driven by a close family friend. That friend was 16 and had been licensed less than a week. The crash nearly killed Tyler, but it did not kill his spirit. Having gone through multiple surgeries, stints in intensive care, constant pain and months in a wheel-chair, Tyler knew that he had an important message to share. His speaking career started over ten years ago while he was still a patient in the intensive care unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Tyler speaks of his family, his lifelong recovery and the subsequent pain, and the challenge of living each day with over 80 percent of his short-term memory gone.

A short collection of poems written by Tyler to help change your outlook on life.
Someone would want to watch to gain new prospective in a hip kind of hip hop way to speak the truth about teen choices. A different teacher of these life lessons other than a parent.

Tyler’s story… In this video Tyler graphically and emotionally tells his story. He goes back to the scene of the accident to describe in detail what happened!
Someone would want to watch this to really get the message about what can happen instantly in the car, this video reminds me of something they would show us in drivers ed.

In this video Tyler gives a short description of accident and of consequences of his accident including daily struggles. He promotes and acts as Advocate for safe teen driving!

Someone would watch this video as like a quick advertisement of him, perhaps what he is about and what he believes, It is short and not as descriptive as the others.