Who is Tyler Presnell?

Tyler white bussAbout me!

Well, I was born in Bakersfield, CA –that’s a start. I have a twin brother named Kyle, a younger
sister named Alyson, and an even younger brother named Trevor.  Siblings are an amazing part of one’s life if they’re let in to be.  In fact, I would not be where I am at today if it weren’t for the love and support that I have from my siblings.

My brother Kyle, sister Aly, friend Travis, and myself all piled into a close family friend’s vehicle (whom had just been awarded a driver’s  license) to have dinner at his family’s home on November 21st, 1999.  Between our two homes, and uncomfortably close to a local high school, lies a road dubbed ‘The Roller Coaster Hills’.  In an attempt to have fun and be cool, the driver began speeding up and down the rolling hills at seventy miles-an-hour before losing control and slamming into a telephone pole.  My seat alone took the brutal impact of the telephone pole that the vehicle had wrapped around.

The first year after the crash is hazy.  My memory was severely damaged from a Traumatic Brain Injury that I continue to deal with into the present day.  Since the age of fourteen I have undergone 22 operations.  I have permanent injuries form the top of my head to the bottom of my feet which will always be painful  reminders of the accident that forever changed my life.

In 2008 I had yet another surgery.  While lying on my back recovering  from the arterial bypass that almost killed me, I could not help but  wonder why I was alive.  Why had I survived after sustaining injuries that would kill most people?  I had a whole new appreciation for life.  I began to share my thoughts with anyone who chose to listen.  It was at that time that I knew I needed to share this tragic story—I knew that if given the chance, I could make a difference.

I lived through this horrific crash and now it’s my turn to give back because of it.  Listeners can feel my heart and soul through the words that I speak.  I do what I do in hopes to prevent others from experiencing the same tragedies that I have faced.  I promise… That after listening to the powerful stories that I share, you will look deep inside of yourself and pull out that strength out needed to follow your dreams and show respect to others.  Our society is wrapped up in negativity!  You don’t need to be.